Xinhua Chinese Press: Premier Wen Jiabao will further deepen the Sino-Japanese EGL-line relationship

BEIJING, May 25 Xinhua, "Xinhua Chinese Press Japan," 25 Journal article, "Premier Wen Jiabao to" Spring "further deepen the Sino-Japanese relations line." The article said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will pay an official visit to Japan. Wen has made three haiku, the first highlight the first "Spring" is used. Today, the occasion of the re-EGL deep spring line, will further deepen the Sino-Japanese relations.

Article excerpts are as follows:

Japan's Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Foreign Ministry have announced that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will pay an official visit to Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Fu Yu's visit to China on June 12 to participate in Shanghai World Expo, Japan National Museum Day. China-Japan high-level interactive solid progress in accordance with the agreed mechanism, indicating a marked enhance political mutual trust, bilateral relations drive in the "strategic and mutually beneficial" normal track.

Three years ago, with Premier Wen Jiabao's "ice-melting trip" to break the deadlock than the Sino-Japanese relations are now already "spring flowers." Three years, the Sino-Japanese summit the following year visits, interaction with various international summit to meet a large number of creative diplomacy of the new record. Although the Prime Minister of Japan for a four-term, but the experience of the Sino-Japanese relations "frozen period" more aware of Japan to maintain regular high-level dialogue and exchanges, is the 21st century's first Sino-Japanese relations. Both China and Japan are each other's neighbors, and as the two most influential countries in Asia, and is beneficial to fight the club defeated.

Wen Jiabao met on May 12 the delegation of Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, told the leaders of the Japanese economy, the current speed up economic restructuring, change the development mode, take the road of sustainable development is a common issue facing Japan.

In addition to promoting Maoyiwending growth, strengthen energy saving, low-carbon technologies, green economy, economy, high technology and food safety cooperation, China and Japan is expected to expand cooperation in the future the key points. Urgent need of economic restructuring on the one hand, China needs to learn the experiences of Japan and advanced technology, while continuing to rely on low expectations of the Japanese economy, China's economic "locomotive" pulling power and great market share, both sides want a new round of competition in the global economy continues to play an important role, mutual benefit and win-win.

It is worth noting that this year is considered to Sino-Japanese economic relations, "reversal of the Year", as the world's second-and third-largest economy in the order of precedence between Japan and China will be reversed. "Three years, Hexi, three years east of the river", then under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping's reform and opening up, thus learning and keep up with Japan, China has been catching up, Japan's "rely on" mental and therefore more urgent. Japanese cabinet adopted earlier this year, "development strategy" and demanded in a bid to nominal GDP annual growth rate in 2020 more than 3%. If you can not achieve the target, the face of China's rapid growth, China-Japan economic aggregate will be widening the gap. Japanese government and the business community openly expressed the importance of the Chinese market and decided to play from July 1 to relax visa restrictions on Chinese individual visitors, to further attract Chinese tourists to revive the "VJC."

The mainstream of Sino-Japanese relations can be described as "warm spring", but there are also a number of tributaries and the intersection of pulsing undercurrent. Wen Jiabao mentioned more than once, to make the East China Sea as "peace, friendship and cooperation of the sea." China and Japan work together to address global financial crisis proved "the good of China and Japan will be better."

Recently Japanese media have a saying "Japan is the way out of China." May solve Japan's "knot" of the tool lies in the reciprocal, mutual help each other learn. Chinese premier continues to humble, studious, sincere and friendly gesture appears in the Japanese bureaucracy and civil society, the spread of the true meaning of friendship and collaboration, and certainly an important Aspect.

"And weathering rain, cherry Tuyan meet friends, winter to spring back." This is Wen Jiabao in April 2007, "ice-melting trip" during the creation of the Japanese "haiku." Year in December, Premier Wen Jiabao to create their own haiku, "Chang recalled ice-melting trip, plum Estuary of the New Year, next spring better" to give the visiting Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda expressed the hearts of the Sino-Japanese relations better hope. This year in February, Premier Wen Jiabao met in Beijing Zhongnanhai 21st Century Committee for China-Japan Friendship members from both sides when he alleged creation of "Chinese Haiku" - "Spring Ruixue welcome, guests and friends gathered from the EGL, friendship from generation to generation transmission" to express their feelings. 3 Haiku, the first highlight the first "Spring" is used.

Today, Sino-Japanese relations, "Spring thick wipe," the occasion of Premier Wen Jiabao again EGL deep spring line, will further deepen the Sino-Japanese relations, the continuing "Japan Spring" added a new round of bright and beautiful spring.

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