Thailand's ruling party may be involved in the case of the dissolution of the illegal donations

According to Singapore, "David Keys," reported the Thai Attorney General's Office on the 13th brought the dissolution of the Constitutional Court alleged acceptance of illegal contributions to the Democratic Party, while prohibiting the party executive committee including the Prime Minister Abhisit five years shall not participate in politics. This is the second Democratic Party to face accusations, the Democratic Party if the Constitutional Court shall be dissolved, which means that the current political party formed by the six coalition government would collapse.

According to reports, Thailand's ruling Democratic Party accused the election in 2005, accepted the Thai Oil Company Po Lin (TPI Polene) worth 200 million 58 million baht (about 54 million yuan) in illegal contributions. According to Thai law, single political parties, the total contributions received each year shall not more than 10 million baht.

A prosecutor Vinai, Thailand 13, said: "Attorney General charged today in connection to the Democratic Party 58 million baht to 200 million cases of contributions submitted to the Constitutional Court ... ... we are asking the court to ban the end of 2004 to early 2005 as the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party (politics), that about 40 to 50. "

Reports that the Democratic Party is Thailand's oldest political party, Abhisit deputy leader of the Democratic Party. Abhisit told reporters yesterday, "No matter what the court's ruling, we will respect and abide by."

By the end of April this year, Thailand's Constitutional Court has agreed to hear the Election Committee of the Democratic Party's first allegation, that the abuse during the election campaign in 2005, the Commission granted 29 million baht funding. Court is scheduled to begin next month on the 9th the first trial on the case.

Huila Democratic Party Member of legal adviser, said the Democratic Party did not receive 200 million baht to 58 million illegal contributions, and adhere to the party involved in the two cases are innocent.

Thai Deputy Prime Minister, the Democratic Party Secretary-General Suthep 13, admitted that he dissolved into the judicial aspects of the Democratic Party worried about the procedure, but the Democratic Party will be in court showing the truth to the public. He said: "I am concerned about this case is normal, because I joined the Democratic Party have 31 or 32 years."

Suthep denied Abhisit ruling in court before the dissolution of the House of Commons, then the general election. He also denied that key members of the Democratic Party has registered a new political party, "a strong party Thai" (Thai Khem Kaeng), as the Democratic Party once was forced to disband after the successor. He said: "The Democratic Party leader, Secretary-General and Executive Committee have nothing to do with the registration of new political parties."

Thailand's former labor minister, the incumbent Democrat Paitoon was rejected by the Democratic Party may be forced to dissolve, will lead the party members to switch to other parties to the embrace of the remarks. He pointed out that even if the Democratic Party has not disbanded, all members of Congress have the right to "jump ship" to other parties.


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